Call of Duty World Championships 2015 Final



So the day had finally arrived for the 2015 Call of Duty World Championships to get under way. 32 teams had qualified from around the globe to fight it out for the coveted trophy and the right to call themselves the best team in the world.

Day One saw everything going to plan for all the American teams with favourites for the title, Optic Gaming, cruising through there group with 3 out of 3 wins.

The biggest shock and most upsetting from a UK perspective was that we saw Epsilon, who had gained the title as European Champions, fall at the first hurdle and mis-fired to a first day exit. This was also followed by TCM Gaming and Team Infused failing to get through to Day Two too, but one UK team stood strong, Aware who finished second in their group behind Team Revenge(US) and got into the Last 16.

Other notable Team performances from outside of the US were from Mindfreak based in Australia and Gamers2 located in Spain making it through to Day Two.

Day Two saw the last 16 teams competing to get through to Final. Fans arrived in their droves to come and see their favourite teams compete to get through to Finals day.

Day 2 Winners BracketDay 2 Losers Bracket

Much like Day One there were so many great matches going on in both Arenas that you did not want to miss out on a thing. The second match on the main stage though gave us our first big shock of the day, when Optic Gaming played Denial eSports and Optic Gaming going down to some great play from Denial eSports and losing the match 3-1. Optic were not out though, as they still had a chance to get to the final through the losers bracket.IMG_3100.JPGIMG_3146.JPG


The day of surprises did not stop there as it continued with last year's Finalists being dumped into the losers brackets by UK team Aware. One of the Top teams in FaZe Black didn't even make it to Round Two of the Losers bracket. The games were intense and some amazing shots and tactics used throughout making every game a must watch. Aware UK eventually losing out to MindFreak and just losing out on a top 8 position and some of the Prize fund.


So the Two Top teams from the Winners bracket had been decided with Denial eSports and Team Revenge through. Now it was to be decided who from the losers Bracket would win to fight it out with the Winners. FaZe Red played Prophecy for the Losers Bracket win and dumped Prophecy out 3-0. That gave Prophecy 4th place and FaZe Red a chance for the Title on Day Three. Consolation places were made up of Team Kaliber finishing 8th and Optic Gaming finishing 7th (FaZe Red continuing Optics woes). MindFreak finishing 6th (Only non-US team to place) to Automatic Reload 5th.COD Champs Stage

Day Three saw a glorious day of sunshine and some of the best gameplay I have ever witnessed. First match of the day saw new favourites, Denial eSports against Team Revenge. Neither Team had lost at this point, but Denial eSports took the match 3-2 after an epic battle.

This was not the end for Team Revenge though as they had to play FaZe Red to see which one of the now losers (had lost one game each) would meet Denial in the Grand Final. Another great contest ensued with Team Revenge edging it 3-1 and going on to play Denial eSports in the Grand Final.

Would Team Revenge get their Revenge or would the undefeated Team, Denial eSports keep on winning?

A close fought final went all the way to Game 5 and saw Denial eSports finish off the opposition. They remained undefeated and thoroughly deserved to win the Trophy, Championship Rings and the $400,000 prize. In the year of the underdog the Wolfpack, Denial eSports become the 2015 Call of Duty World Champions!

COD Champs Wnners



Winner Bracket

Winner Bracket WC

Losers Bracket

Losers Bracket WC

Grand Final

Grand Final WC

EU Regional Finals

EU Champs Saturday Schedule

GAME goes to Covent Garden for the EU Regional Finals

Saturday saw 28 of Europe’s top teams fight it out for the 14 available spots in the World Championship Finals.

The majority of matchups went according to plan; favourites TCM Gaming and Epsilon Esports eased past their enemies with 3-0 whitewash wins, and French side, Vitality, made easy work of their opposition with another notable win.

The battle of the day, though, was between Millenium and Team Infused. Many believed that Millenium had the pedigree to take out Team Infused and end the curse of Jake, but Team Infused had other ideas… COD Event RZIn a momentous battle, in which both teams took it to the wire, Team Infused toppled Millenium  taking the match 3-2, showing that teamwork and tactics play a more important role than individual flare in these competitions.

Qualifying for L.A. are: Ascentia Gaming, Aware.EU, Epsilon eSports, fabE.Allstars, fabE.DE, Gamers2, HyperGames, Klar1ty Gaming, NxG.Rapid, TCM Gaming, Team Finland, Team Infused, UnderratiX Gaming and Vitality.X.

Sunday's showdown sees the 14 qualified teams battle it out to determine their seedings for the World Championship Finals in L.A. We'll also find out who claims the EU crown and the bulk of the $10,000 prize pot!


Sunday arrived and the remaining 14 teams battled it out for the European Championship title and the majority share of the $10,000 prize money.

Epsilon eSports and TCM Gaming were the two most talked about teams, and the majority were in agreement that they should both make the final faceoff if everything went according to plan. The story certainly stuck to the script, and both Epsilon and TCM strolled through to the final after destroying their semi-final opponents.

Epsilon RZ TCM Gaming RZ

The scene was set for the final showdown, which was destined to be a close contest, but Epsilon took an early 2-0 lead with an easy Hardpoint win and a considerably closer Search and Destroy victory. Next up was Uplink, which needed to go to Overtime with it tied at 6-6, but TCM Gaming prevailed pulling through to cut the deficit in half making it 2-1 to Epsilon eSports.

Capture the Flag was the fourth match, a match that pushed both teams to their limits making for a tense and tactical encounter that saw only one flag captured… the captors: Epsilon eSports, the tournament winners and new EU Regional Champions!

Winner Interview RZ Winners RZ

How they got there:

Flow Chart

Europe Regionals and Qualifiers Latest Updates

EU Regional Qualifiers

Europe goes to War… again!

Activision and Gfinity have announced the European Regional Finals - an event not to be missed! The tournament will take place from February 28th through to March 1st in one of England’s most iconic buildings; the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, and will feature twenty-eight of the region’s most prestigious posses... but with only fourteen teams advancing for further warfare, the atmosphere is sure to be fiery.
The teams that will be competing in this year’s EU Regional Finals are:

TCM Gaming, Epsilon Sports, Team Infused, Millenium, Aware.EU, TotalECircuit, Sowerz and Co., Barrage.Nightmare.

HyperGamesTeam, Team Vitality X, CocaCola, Ascentia, neVroze eSports, Orks.

Pain Gaming, Spirit Gaming.

NxGrapid, VFL.Allstars.

Klarity Gaming, Team Planetar.

UX Gaming, Rush GG, FAB Games.Germany, Scheiss Almans.

Orbit, Team Finland.

FAB Games.Allstars, Worstenbrood

With over 740 teams having previously competed for a spot in London’s Regional Finals, the quality of combat is destined to be top-notch. Follow your favourite team(s) as they fight for a ten-thousand-dollar prize pot and a ticket to the Los Angeles-based World Championship finals in March.

We’ll be at the European Regional Finals to witness the warfare and talk to the teams before and after their matches – so stay tuned!

NA Regional Finals

The final round of qualification for the 2015 Call of Duty Championship has taken place, and the last LA-bound empty plane seats have been filled.

Latest News NAWith some impressive performances from the lesser-known squads like 3Sup Enterprises and Team Revenge, and some solid shooting from tournament favourites OpTiC Gaming, the 14-team strong North American arm is bulging with skill and swagger.

The 14 teams competing at the 2015 Call of Duty Championship:

• 3sUP Enterprises
• Automatic Reload
• Below Zero
• Denial eSports
• FaZe Black
• FaZe Red
• OpTic Gaming
• OpTic Nation
• Prophecy
• Strictly Business
• Team EnVy
• Team Kaliber
• Team Orbit
• Team Revenge

The NA Grand Final featured some familiar faces, with Denial eSports hoping to deny OpTic Gaming another victory… but their efforts were no match for OpTic, who sealed the win in three consecutive maps, taking home the majority share of the $10,000 prize pot.

OpticOpTiC Gaming are tipped by many as the firm favourites for the 2015 Call of Duty Championship crown, and with an impressive performance in the NA Regional Finals, the momentum is certainly behind them.

Can anyone stop the OpTic train? All will be revealed when the world goes to war in Los Angeles later this month.

How they got there:

Grand Final:

Final NA

 Losers Bracket

Losers Bracket NA

Winners Bracket

Winners Bracket NA

North America Regionals and Qualifiers Latest News

NA Regional Qualifiers

The action in America, which takes place across March 6th to March 8th at the Columbus Arena, is sure to be fast and ferocious as each team goes trigger-to-trigger (or thumbstick-to-thumbstick) to earn a $10,000 cash prize, and a place in the World Championship Finals.

With the largest selection of teams, the NA Regional Finals will promote a fourteen-team-strong American arm to the Championship Finals in Los Angeles. The 24 teams from the US, 6 from Canada, and 2 from Mexico will go bullet-for-bullet, boost-for-boost and beam-for-beam, and include the following:

3sUp Nation, Automatic Reload, Aztek Gaming, Below Zero, BitterSweet, Boreal.Xz8, Denial Sports, EcHo, Effortless, Team EnVyUs, Fatal Ambition, FaZe Black, FaZe Red, Team Fear, iSolation, Legacy Esports, Levitate Gaming, Lucror Esports, OpTic Gaming, OpTic Nation, Orbit.NA, Prophecy, Lucros Esports, Realize and Friends, Revenge, Rise Nation, Strictly Business, Stuner Gaming, Team KaLiBeR, Team MFAM, TeamPsyQo, XGN.

We’ll report back to base to announce the winners of what is sure to be an all-out war, when the dust finally settles stateside.

APAC Regionals and Qualifiers Latest News

APAC Regional Details

Call of Duty Championships gets its first group of finalists

The APAC Regional Finals featured some explosive matches that saw one team, Plantronics.Mindfreak, obliterate all opposition. Plantronics.Mindfreak cruised to victory and incurred no losses throughout the entire tournament, earning them a place in the Los Angeles-based finals in March.


Joining them will be Exile5.T1 and Integral Nation, who went head-to-head with Plantronics.Mindfreak twice during the Regional Finals.

How They Got There:

APAC Regional Chart


APAC Regional Qualifiers

The Sydney-based ApaC Regional Finals, which take place on February 14th, will see eight teams shoot (and boost) it out for a chance to chase champion status in the World Championship Finals in March.

Trident AU, Plantronics.Mindfreak, T1.Dotters, and Integral, will trade bullets and directed energy beams with Avant Garde, Ignitionz, Laminar and Echelon, with the top three teams going on to tackle the rest of the world at the finals in Los Angeles.

BR Regionals and Qualifiers Latest News

BR Regional Details

Everyone feels the heat in the Brazilian Regionals.

With only six teams battling it out in the Brazilian leg of the Call of Duty Championships, there was little room for error. Two teams, SSOF Gaming and Brazilla, took control and dazzled the battlefield with Brazilian flair, before fighting it out in the final with SSOF Gaming coming out on top.


With such a small selection of squads in the BR Regionals, only the top team (SSOF Gaming) will progress to the Championship Finals in March.

How they got there:

BR Regional Chart


BR Regional Qualifiers

The Latin qualifying leg of the Championships has come to an end, with seven victorious squadrons going through to the BR Regional Finals.

HBR Team Sports, Milagres Team and Virtue Gaming will do battle with Brazilla, Classic Team, DOG$, and SSOF Gaming for a chance to progress to the World Championship Finals in Los Angeles this March.